Monday, August 23, 2010

Tribute to my father

Welcome friends,
Late Sh. Jai Karishan Sharma (1940-2010)
Today, I will not be able to write some good or useful stuff for you, as I am in the much shocking condition due to departure of my father Sh. Jai Krishan Sharma (Retd. Headmaster) from this world.  Yes, he has been called by the almighty God on Sunday Morning dated 22.08.2010 at 5 A.M. when most of us were sleeping calmly.  I do not want you all to feel my sorrow, but I know some of you may also be known to him.
 He was not only my father, but he was also a well known teacher in distt. Karnal of Haryana (India).  He served as S.S. Master in many Government High Schools in many villages like Ballah, Salwan, Fafrana and Golli (our native village). He also served in the Naraingarh, Sehzadpur, Korwa and Ledi area of distt. Ambala in the Late Sh. Bansi Lal's CM period in Haryana.
I am feeling today the power of being a good teacher. I am able to communicate with you as I had been taught English by my father.  Many of my friends, some of my class fellows may also be proud of their success in respective fields and they will certainly like to pay homage to their founder teacher.  I realized the need to inform all of such of my friends. One of his pupil and my class fellow, a retired EME officer from army outburst on his funeral ceremony, so I could not help to resist myself from writing this post to inform you all of my such friends.
He was well known by his teaching style as he never used a cane to teach his student. He never gave tution as he never tried to earn money. He used to say that my real property is my pupils.  I still remember the moment when I proposed him to open a private school on his name after his retirement from the Government job. He declined my proposal as he do not wanted to used his name as brand in commercialization of education. For him providing education was a social service and not a mean to make money.
My grandmother told me in the past that my father declined the post of a Revenue Officer (a 2nd class Gazetted officer post) in the State Government only for the sake of his passion of social service by providing education to the poor children of rural India. He was born in a poor farmers family. The God was cruel enough to make him fatherless only on the 5th day of his birth. I am able to understand the difficulties he had to face to earn his Bachelor's and Masters degrees in those hard days, when there were no such facilities available for the education like today.
It is not possible to mention all of his qualities and services he provided to the society in this short blog post. Howerver, I will like you to join me in paying tribute to my father, a legend in his domain. Let us pray God for granting peace to his soul and a bearth in Heaven.

Rajesh Kumar
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