Saturday, September 25, 2010

Difference Between Automatic and Manual Directory Submission

                                             Whether you are an online marketer, webmaster or webdeveloper; you will be much aware of the benefits of directory submission . You can't survive without help of this vital method of generating organic traffic from the search engines. May it be a blog post, article or press release, all need to be submitted in the directories to get the massive traffic. Here is how the directory submissions work:

You write a keyword rich article, blog post or press release of minimum 300-350 words relating to your website or niche with an attractive resource box. Your resource box will consist of short bio of the author with a link to the website, you are promoting with this article. The good resource box always generates a call of action that encourages the reader to click on the link in the resource box.

The article, blog post or press release writing will do nothing until you submit it in the web directories. The directory submissions of these contents will ensure world wide publicity of the link in the resource box. The more, the content submission directories accepts your article, the more one way banklinks you generate and higher the page rank you get in the search engines.

Directory submissions may be accomplished in two ways, the manual directory submission and automatic directory submission. You will need a special directory submission software for automatic directory submission. Although it will save lot of your time, it is less beneficiary and less acceptable as most of the good web directories hesitate to accept such directory submission.

On the other hand manual directory submission is always considered better. A SEO expert will short list the best and relevant submission directories and will submit your contents in each of them manually. This method ensures the acceptance by the most of the web directories and search engines as there is no splice. The search engines do not love duplicate contents.

You may yourself do the manual directory submissions, however it is much time-consuming and you may not be a SEO expert. It will be better to opt for a well established directory submission service provider like and use your valuable time for more productive tasks. The provide plethora of web services like directory submissions, press release writing and distribution, article writing and submission and forum posting etc. for link building.

I will recommend the for all the services you may need to boost the success of your online business.

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