Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Learn Beginner Guitar Songs

Beginner guitar songs are usually written out in tabs rather than music notes. This is simply because the tabs are the easiest way to learn how to play guitar and are secretly the way that many of the greatest musicians play their instruments. However, something that some guitar books do not go through is how to read the tablature music.
You will notice on a guitar that it is full of frets. This is the part that will state the letters that you need to play. You will need to know what string is tuned to the letter and then go onto learning the 24 different frets that are available. You will also need to learn about devices that you can add to your guitar to change the sound.
You have six strings on the guitar and each of them is a different letter. The first one is the biggest and this plays a low E. This would be shown as E:--0-- when it comes to the music that you will be reading. 0 means that nothing is being held down.
However, holding onto the first fret is actually written with a 1. So, if you were playing the next string, the A string, you would see A:--1--. This would mean that you are holding down the first fret and actually playing the note A sharp - also known as B flat depending on the key that you are playing in. The numbers go up and the notes increase in half steps so when you hold the second fret of the A string down, you will be playing the note B.
You will usually see other types of notes appearing, such as 6p5 or 5h6. These have different meanings. These make different sounds and can be very difficult to learn about. It is usually best to learn the basics before you start worrying about what these notes mean. The H means Hammer-on, P means Pulling off and you will also see a B, means bend.
When you are reading the music, you will read it from left to right, like you would usually read. You will flow through the music and see the note and then the fret that you are supposed to hold down. This may take some time to get used to, so you should practice frequently and take your time with the basic steps. The more you practice, the better you will get at the music; start off slow and build up the pace so that you can listen to the music that you are making.
You should start with a song that you know well; this will help you get started with the music and will also help you because you will know how it should sound. However, it is important not to get frustrated and take your time with it. Nobody gets it right on their first try unless you are an expert at playing the guitar songs and being able to play the beginner guitar songs.

Rajesh Kumar

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